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Innovative Utility Solution in the Field of Cleaner Cheaper Energy

The Process



The initial consultation is your opportunity to learn about the program and ask questions.  The assigned rep will collect a recent utility bill.  This will be used to build a rate for power proposal based on your specific energy needs at a protected rate.



The inspection determines the viability of project and identifies any scope of work.  A technician arrives on a pre-scheduled day/time to determine roof adequacy and structural integrity.  This is mandatory for all homes to qualify for program.



Once the home has been inspected and gone through all permitting, we schedule installation.  This typically takes 1-2 days and once complete, your home is now ready for final inspection from the city to ensure everything is

up to code.

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Residential Energy is a better utility option

Residential-Energy is a better utility option for homeowners providing a significantly cheaper monthly rate for power that's protected.  Traditional utility is becoming too expensive and has proven unreliable.  Residential-Energy partners with the best in renewable technology to source the power you need on site without the overhead cost of purchasing or leasing equipment.  Just like you're currently paying through the utility company, we provide a lower (protected) rate for power that will always keep the lights on.  

Our Partners

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